How to build a creative design website

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How to build a creative design website?

Have you ever visited a website and quit immediately because the design is overwhelming, and the content is hard to read? When I was studying at the University of Sydney, we used to find the creative design idea via the Internet. Some website impressed me by their original illustration, they show me how the image impact users and how to use colour in a bold way. While some other websites keep showing about the concept of how you can design a website in a creative way, the wording became overwhelming and sometimes I quit the website within a couple of seconds. This post is to show you how to design a creative website and how you can find the design idea.

Creative design agency Sydney

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Website is a priority face of your online profile. Incorporating smart and creative website design ideas gives you a way to stand out and provide a unique, positive experience for your visitors. Define site’s purpose is always the first thing we need to think about, we need to think about the unique selling point, and how we can stand out from our competitors. If we just regularly showing everything to visitors. This may hide our strength and lost the opportunities that impress our website visitors. According to Punit Renjen, “An organization’s culture of purpose answers the question of who it is and why it exists.” By showing our clients our strength compare to competitors help our business growth.


What is the webpage purpose, and how it helps to make a profit?

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The image overall theme can be determined once the purpose is confirmed. If the website just for display, you only need to find a theme that matches your business. However, if you try to sell some professional or high-tech products, or serious services, a colourful and fancy theme may not be a good idea.


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Here are 6 factors of building an imaginative website

  1. Make it interactive: do not make passive and static website experience, interact with your clients, and enhance their user experience even in the single small elements. In the design of the menu, we can change related background and colour when the user moves their mouse to the related menu item, like showing the ocean for fishing section and forester with birds chirping for camping section. However, music may only apply to certain businesses, most of the time, we need to make the default setting to mute, otherwise, it may generate anxiously or annoy to users.
  2. Use Animation
  3. Adding related animation always makes the website easier to read, a gif animation can better illustrate some complex idea in a short time and people love to learn from that way. However, this may require professional and additional cost.
    1. Image is another way to make the website easy for reading and clean., in some online shopping platform, they even provide 360 degrees photo of the products, this is crucially important to the online shopping platform as this become a trend in last decade, and people would like to gain as much information as possible before they actually make the payment.
    2. Micro-interactions are another place that people can engage with the website. For example, when people reply to the feed on Facebook or Instagram, it will popup the related emoji during your typing. If you try to signup and create a password, some website may show you red colour when the new password is not met their criteria, and green means ok. These are two simple examples to enhance user experience and create communication with users.
  4. Use unique font: Use unique font can express a company’s culture and show the additional personality to your website. Traditionally use Arial makes boring. This is one of the elements people tend to ignore. However, it brings a huge impact to design as the font style will apply throughout the whole website. There is plenty of online resource, font awesome, Google font and canvas font combination help in the design of typography, and how the typo match with others.
  5. Always focus on content
    1. Its truth that content is always important to the user, they are only impressive the website wherever they found them useful and valuable information rather than a great design. For example, fishfinder is a forum that helps people find fishing spots or product near Sydney. To be honest, they have many people visit their website every day, their design is not impressive through. Thus, always remember that “content is king”.
  6. Visual tour bring business to alive
    1. Since Google business provided 360 degrees of visual assistance for people, this may become a trend before people visit your physical location. This is another way to show your potential clients your profession and the variety of your products in the shop.
    2. Chatbot supports creative design even though it is not related to the visual element. According to the stat report, there are 1.3 trillion customer service requests, the chatbot can reduce those requests by 30% by the built-in database. This may an important website component to modern website design.

Commercial template or Creative design agency Sydney

Choose your platform can maximize reduce the design effort, such as building WordPress website by using the WordPress commercial theme, there are plenty commercial websites such as ThemeForest and template monster, the built-in design tools for Wix and Squarespace, or find a local creative website designer.

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Beyond the design based on business culture, content, and visual element. Responsive design is always one of the most important elements we need to consider. Since it not only bring the business portfolio to mobile users, it also one of the factors that affect your SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Online shopping or subscription via phone and tablets are continually growing in the last decade. Increase the conversion rates from mobile users bring huge profit to the company.