Where Every Bite Tells a Sweet Story.

Bengong’s Tea is a purveyor of pure and innovative tea and cake selections, ensuring delightful experiences for customers. Our partnership with the creative bakery delivered mouthwatering treats, elevating tea time to a tasteful celebration.

We created a dynamic fusion of both brand and packaging design, where we seamlessly integrated bold and punchy colours and fonts to resonate with the younger demographic, creating an energetic and captivating visual identity. From conceptualization to execution, our approach not only reflects the essence of Bengong’s Tea but also establishes a distinctive presence in the market. The result is a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and brand essence, ensuring that Bengong’s Tea stands out on the shelf and resonates with its target audience.


Design and Branding
Design & Art Direction

Brandergy exceeded our expectations in rebranding, infusing our identity with fun and contrasting colours that resonated perfectly with Gen Z and millennials. Their innovative approach captured the essence of our brand, making it a magnet for our target audience. Exceptional work!