The Luxe

Where Dreams Find Their Home

Nestled in the North Shore, The Luxe defines urban luxury across its five levels. Meticulously designed with exquisite palettes, textures, and exposed brick, each residence is a mirror of what their brand stands for.
Elevating The Luxe’s identity, our branding services exude sophistication. Strategic use of metallic gold and rose tones in the brand design transforms the mundane into a beautiful, upscale experience. From the chosen colours to the textures, our approach cultivates a luxurious and premium atmosphere, enticing guests to immerse themselves in the epitome of refined living.


Brand Strategy
Design & Art Direction
Web Design

We absolutely fell in love with the finished product! The Brandergy team had an unparalleled understanding of our vision for luxurious upscale living. Their intuitive approach and attention to detail in design perfectly captured the essence we envisioned, creating a living experience that exceeds our expectations.