Elevate Your Palate with Our Asian Fusion Delights.

Ommi’s Food & Catering is created by Taiwanese chef Omar Hsu, an Asian-inspired frozen meal and catering company. Omar’s passion for Taiwanese street food and cultural roots led to easily enjoyed, authentic Asian-inspired cuisine at home.

Our design services transformed the brand with a vibrant colour-blocking aesthetic, captivating and drawing in the younger generation. We introduced the Ommi character to bring forth a personal touch to the brand, connecting Omar to the audience. Through creating compelling content creation and fostering a dynamic and engaging presence on social media, Ommi is a go-to easy meal option for many.


Brand Strategy
Design & Art Direction
Web Design

Working with Brandergy was a breeze. Their talented team effortlessly grasped our vision, strategically positioning our brand without succumbing to done-over or childish mascots. Their expertise made the process smooth, resulting in a brand identity that perfectly roped in our customers.