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Being one of the elite branding design companies, Sydney, we understand that branding is the practice of associating something easily identifiable to a brand. Branding can be an icon, jingle, phrase, logo – anything to help consumers remember who you are. Branding is the action of spreading awareness about you and imprinting your brand onto an individual.


As a premium Brand design agency, Sydney, we customise your branding strategy based on YOU! We cater for absolutely everybody, no matter the challenge, no matter the budget. Every single touchpoint you have with your consumers should be branded.


As a Sydney branding design agency, our designers have had 20 years of branding experience from a vast number of clients. We develop unique and customised branding solutions for you and your business. We design to brand. We retell the story of you, and we tell it in a way your targeted audience can relate to. We breathe our unique and developed branding strategies into our client’s corporate identity.


Being result driven, we know it goes. From huge tech conglomerates to small start-ups, we understand the ins and outs of branding. An example of our past works in branding involve our work with SURGE.


We wanted to introduce an emerging technology brand to Australia targeting people who have a high battery usage. The goal was to promote sustainable living by decreasing the demand for lithium through installing 1,000 SURGE charge stations nationwide, Brandergy detected the limitations to SURGE’s brand identity which was holding them back. We wanted SURGE to stand out to younger demographics and appear unique to the Australian market.


From our research, Brandergy was able to ascertain the prime target market for SURGE. Through further investigation of this demographic’s interests and behavioural patterns, we discovered that they preferred bright and bold colours with extreme contrasts in colour schemes. Brandergy decided to, first, formulate a name that both expresses what the products are about and necessitates the value of these products to the targeted audience.


Subsequently, Brandergy, a Creative Brand design agency Sydney, developed a creative that appealed to the target market and would arrest their attention through bright, vivid and contrasting colour palattes.This project led to the creation of a new name and brand deliverables resulting in a strengthened, unified brand identity for SURGE.


From product branding to service branding, not to mention personal branding…we’re a Brand design agency, Sydney; we are Brandergy. If you want to take your business to the next level – trust us with your business and we’ll show you your potential…we’ll also show you how to get there.


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