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When it comes to the search console, we notice that the search volume of “Sydney web design services” and “Sydney web development services” are increasing during the last few years. And these terms become interchangeable nowadays as website design agencies tend to combine these services together. The truth is that these are referring to 2 fundamentally different aspects of website development processes from different professional people with different skillsets. In this article, we are going to give you are a brief idea about what they refer to.

Website Designers vs Website Developer in brief

In nutshell, a web designer is like the architecture while the developer is a construction worker – they are both necessary but focus on different aspects. Web designers use Adobe Photoshop and other tools to create the visual elements of the websites, from the structure of the website to the shape/colour of the single element. A web developer is focused on building the website based on the design draft by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web design service – A closer look

Web design services Sydney

Web designer always consider what users see on their computer screens and mobile screens, they make the element creative and bring the website element to life through the colour, images, typography, and layout. Backup plans should be considered, such as JavaScript may block in certain countries, the information should not be hidden even the JS code is not loaded.

Sydney website design services

It is also crucial that designer need to consider website’s objectives and move on to an Information architecture to create a content cohesion, it aims to guide or help the potential customer discover more about client’s services and products. Information Architecture is one of the essential courses for all web designers, as people don’t have much patience for searching the key information on your website when it comes to bad user experience or design. Content structure is crucially important when we are planning to build a website.

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The famous UX designer, Jared Spool, once said: “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.”

There are certain design principles for website development

  1. Content should be treated as a living, breathing thing, you should show what people are looking for in a certain time limit. Thus, less is more.
  2. we need to concern about the entry pages, as the user may come into your website in different entry points, make sure the guideline, the structure is clear in other pages, rather than the index page.
  3. Show brief or preview information before user click onto the detail pages.
  4. Navigation should be simple, and it just guides people to the correct page and does not apply any other things on it.
  5. Designers need to find a balanced layout based on colour. In design, we refer the large, dark element as a heavy element and small element as light elements.
  6. Emphasis the important element by using contracting colour, designer look at different aspects, such as sizes, textures, and shapes to draw attention to a certain portion of the website (conversion case based on sign out button / AB testing)
  7. Lastly, it is consistency, it also called repetition or rhythm, the design should remain consistent in the different webpage.

Web designers tend to inspire the world in a visual way, showing you inspired photo, design and impress you when you first visit the website. They also give you the feeling on their intuition and feeling, colour, shape, potentially building their company culture and profile deeply in your heart. There are two main streams of web designers, one is called User Experience designer (UX) and another called User Interface designer (UI).

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Web design – User experience designers

User Experience designers tend to keep your visitor hooked to your website, it is an on-going process, UX keeps track of the user data after the website is deployed online. By analyzing the data of Age, gender, geographical, time of visit etc, they craft a website that your audient will enjoy, this may be a tiny craft or major structure change, the only purpose is engaging the user to revisit your website, stay in your website for a longer time, increase conversion. One of the famous approaches is A/B testing, designers create 2 different designs, and randomly display to different visitors, and collect their data after a certain period. Then they will know which design can generate more conversion and eventually applied the better solution to the website.

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Web design – User Interface designer (UI)

An aide for tracking the user data and making the alternation, user interface designers are normally working on the website before it launches. They are working on how to improve the way that user interaction with the website elements, interface, and aim to make the website easier for users. Most of the time, they will do the research or hire some people who haven’t used their website before, and ask them some questions and get the feedback based on the website structure, difficulty and content display etc.


In short, UI involves improving the website based on the data collections. Such as applying the design for checkout page which has higher conversion rates. After the data analysis, they decide to apply the typographic when people stay on the pages for a longer time, adding some menu/direction on the side and engage the click to different pages and reduce the bounce rates, or add some related information in the product pages, then use may browse similar services or products.


Web development – A closer look

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When it comes to website development, page developers focus on functionality, the designer focuses on different pages/layers, the developer focus on put them together and react to users’ actions. They are focus on more logic, the structure of coding way rather than a visual element that display to the visitors. Normally, most of the website is built by HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, some older website may involve jQuery to interact with users.

There are 2 main categories in website developer, frontend developer and backend developer. Front end developer is work on the website layout based on the draft from the website designers. It transforms the draft into a real website, and this may also involve how to use the 3rd party libraries. Such as awesome fantasize, google font or jQuery. While backend developer is working on the logic behind the scenes, such as when people click a button, how to re-redirect them to the correct webpage and display the correct information to them from the database. Knowing PHP is an essential skill for doing the WordPress theme website design which is one of the popular CMS nowadays. By building a dynamic website, people can easily edit the content without worry about coding stuff.

If we treat building a website as building a park, designers mostly focus on the vibe, plants, and colour of the facilities, while developer focus on the functionality, safety, and maintenance of the facilities from logical and scientific standpoint. Furthermore, the developer also can work on the data. Both web designers and developers are essential for building an impressive website project and they are necessary, the only difference is they are both working on separate aspects with their unique technical skills.

Sydney website design services

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