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Web design agency SydneyWordPress is a powerful semantic publishing platform that provides a powerful set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as simple, enjoyable and attractive as possible. It is freely published, standards-compliant, fast, lightweight and free content management system with reasonable default settings and features, and a very customizable core. WordPress comes with so many helpful features in the 1st released and is continuously keep updating to the 5.5.0 now, they aim to provide a maintainable and secured content platform, and people can manage their content even without any coding knowledge. Some of these features may not get the attention they deserve and remain a little hidden. In this article, we will show you 5 awesome WordPress features that you probably didn’t know existed.

1. Preview theme without activation
As there are thousands of commercial theme in the 3rd party platform, such as themeforest, athemes and colorlib etc. WordPress support the preview feature, which means you don’t need to replace the current theme, which is good for re-design the website and experience the webpage layout based on the current content. As the design progress may takes few week or may up-to few months, keep changing theme for testing online is not good for the branding. And redesign the whole website offline need to download everything of the website, this become unpractical for the ecommerce website.

Wordpress preview feature

Move the mouse to the installed theme’s thumbnail and then click on Live Preview button. WordPress will launch the theme customizer showing a preview of your website using the new theme.


2. URL can be public, private or password protected

When you are testing some sample webpage and want to share with your clients or partners, you may don’t want it to show to the public, but shareable. By enable the password-protected feature, you can only show to the authenticated people. When you attach some links to the content, you don’t need to add the link button, then paste the link inside the field. You can simply select the target content, then paste the link, it will automatically be attached to the context.


3. built-in image editor

WordPress makes it easy to add images to your posts and pages. What many beginners don’t know is that WordPress also comes with some basic image editing features. By using the editing feature, you can scale, resize and add some desired effect on the images. This is really useful for the beginner who just wants to build a simple display website without touching the design tools, such as photoshop or cavas.

Wordpress design editor


4. Customizing your theme

If you are I.T professional or web developer, you can add your own code to the commercial theme, such as changing the text color, line height or even the overall layout based on your needs. By using this feature, you can tailor the theme match your clients products or services. and make their websites unique to the original theme. This is definitely a plus, and make it different compare to the companies buy and upload all the content to the theme without customizing. Personally, I preferred hide some of the website elements by using this feature rather than delete it right away from the code. As I concern I may need to use the element in the future. However, the often overlooked WordPress Theme Customizer still has its place, and is a great way to make quick theme modifications without trawling through the options in a custom solution. More than that, it’s actually the recommended way of customizing a theme.

Wordpress theme development


5. Permalink, tag and category

The structure of your WordPress website may change over time. As you learn more about how to organize your website, you’ll discover new ways to utilize categories and tags to help users to find related content. When it related to SEO and online promotion, wordpress theme development enable a really powerful features, you can add your keyword in your permalink, breadcrumb bar and in the category, this help you increase the Google ranking.


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