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What is web design?

Web design always refers to I.T professional design the website via special tools, such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, frontpage and Dreamweaver. Web designers can apply the aesthetic viewpoints in graphic design to website design (the difference is that the production of dynamic web pages cannot be achieved by graphic design, and it is an extension of the aesthetic approach). Web pages such as facades, as small as personal homepages, large companies, large government departments, and international organizations, all use web pages as their facades on the Internet. When you click on a website, the first thing that impressed you is the design of the landing page, such as the introduction of the content, the placement of buttons, the combination of text, the application of colours, the use of guidance, and so on. All this is the domain of web design, and it is the job of web designers. Web design used to be focused on designing websites for larger screen devices or PC browser. As mobile-end users are increase dramatically in the last decade and web design for mobile and tablet browsers has become ever-increasingly important.

what is web design

What is responsive design?

As we mentioned above, the designing website for mobile and tablet users become progressively critical for local businesses. People would like to ask how and how much for developing a different website based on the devices. The basic idea is to keep the same website but present in a different form. For example, we take unnecessary content and images when we create the mobile version. Too much text seems overwhelming to end-users, and lower their interest. The only purpose for building a website is to attract people and impressive than before they are tired of the content. Another benefits for removing irrelevant content is helping the website performance and helping website load fast. This normally comes into the technical terms called First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOMContentLoaded(DCL). The is always the priority concern for mobile users. According to the research by mannix, faster sites create a happy user and increase the user experience which leads to better conversion rate.

web design agent sydney

The design layout also important, as the screen size is smaller than the PC browsers, we need to increase the font size and remove the unnecessary padding and margin. Most of the time, the content layout should occupy the full browser width while there different design in the PC versions. And we put the most important content always on the top and remove the mouse-required element, such as the effects when people hovering their mouse on.

web design elements

  • font
    • Font style is one of the crucial factors that affect user experience, some website uses the fixed font-size either in the PC version and mobile versions. This leads to difficulty when people read the text using mobile devices. We always encourage people to use the magic 62.5% value as their basic setting. This can always refer to the mobile devices setting by users, especially the elder people like to enlarge their browser font-size setting.
    • Font style is another important factors, we need to make sure the font style is easy for reading, and the line height is enough.
  • Colour
    • Never use the “dazzling” or “blinding” colour as your background colour. And check if the font colour is matching the background colour or background images.
  • Spacing and margin
    • If there are too much margin and spacing, the website seems lack of content. On the contrary, the overall layout and experience affect if the website is little spacing.

Type of web design

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There is plenty of type of website designs, it can consist of different pages for the complex website while someone like the one-page design for the simple layout. This totally depends on your product and service, we encourage people to always consider both – Present the relevant information in a simple and clean layout. CMS is one of the easy ways and platforms to manage your content easily without codding.

how web design affect your customers?

A nice website layout can impress visitors like a nice physical shop decoration attracts people from the street. Every single second’s people would like to stay on your website enhance the possibility they purchased something online. Nice looking website, user-friendly interface, clear guild lead a better return of investment and conversion rates.

What Brandergy bring to your business?

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As one of the leading website agency in Sydney, we have a professional I.T team who specialize in website designing, website development and online marketing solution. We keep delivering customized I.T solutions to our clients to promote their products. Our clients are from small local business to multinational enterprises. We have done serval projects from display website to E-commerce platform in either WordPress development and traditional HTML/CSS version. Being a successful I.T company in website development is not easy, we keep training our people and make sure they delivering the best online solution to you. If you have any concern or question about our website design/development products, please feel free to contact us.