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Are you looking for web design services and website development in Sydney for your business? Building an outstanding and buzzworthy website is always not easy. The purpose of the website is not only showing people about your products, but also arouse the interest and attention of the public, either word of mouth by local people and internet visitors, and let people share your link and product information. A landing page is the first impression to your potential customers, it uses to attracting people, let them stay on the website for a longer time, and finally, increase the conversion rates.

Sydney responsive web design

Web design is the design of websites of customer’s products and services, and delivery to the Internet community in a nice and attractive way.  It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than technical website development. A few years ago, web design used to be focused building website only on Desktop and larger screen browser. However, since the mid-2010s, design for mobile and tablet browsers has become increasingly important. As people are becoming busy, and they normally read and shop via their mobile devices. Building a nice and attractive responsive website for mobile users can also reduce the bounce rates and benefits for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it’s becoming one of the criteria in Google webmaster.

There are numerous factors that affect the user experience when people visit your site. Most people consider web design is an artwork, and just make the website differentiate to others in the market. However, it is more than that. By adding visual effect and elements, the webpage can become vivid and leads to a better presentation. Furthermore, a responsive design and content cohesion is also the priority concern before designing the website.

According to the marketing research, there are 35% of people fail to complete simple tasks on the webpages. This may cause the complexity of the website, misplacing elements and lack of guideline. Thus, UI design becoming increasingly popular in I.T course, degree. Dr July, professional in the University of Sydney, an emphasis that we need to run the user test before actually launching our products. We need to think about our potential users as non-technical background and if they are able to fill the form, find the correct button etc.

History about the web design on mobile devices

Back in 2015, people use Apple products to set the breakpoint, such as

responsive web design

As Apple releases different iPhone model every October, the web develops soon realised a dilemma – If Apple changes the device resolution in the future, we need to change all media queries in all of our projects. To address this problem before it actually happens, developers try to design & develop their mobile version based on the website content, rather than fixed width and height based on the devices.

Another very interesting topic comes into mind, should we need to build the mobile-first website instead of a desktop-first website? The answer is yes or no, that totally depends on your users. There are some pros and cons of mobile-first design.

  • Props
    • 100% optimized for mobile user experience.
    • Results in the faster product when there is a limitation in bandwidth.
    • Prioritizes content for mobile users.
  • Cons
    • Lack of content in Desktop.
    • More difficult to design as the limited space in mobile and tablet devices.
    • Clients may only check the prototype in Desktop and not satisfied in an earlier stage.

As a leading web design agent in Sydney, we have experienced UI/UX design, they have years of design experience after graduating from universities. We consider our products in both mobile & desktop version before designing. We consider your product images, text content and service types when design and develop the website. If you are a Sydney local business and look for a way to explore the Internet market, we are always here to help and show you our web design solution.