WordPress website design Sydney

Wordpress website design

Looking for a custom WordPress developer or web designer in Sydney? Brandergy is one of the WordPress development team, We follow the latest web design trends to provide you with a modern and handcrafted design which is not only functional but also gives your visitors a better user experience and finally generate more leads and improve your business revenue. Even better, with WordPress, you can manage all the content yourself—no WordPress development skills or in-depth coding knowledge required!

We are a Sydney WordPress website design agency, experienced with delivering WordPress CMS solutions ranging from simple websites to heavily customized WordPress implementations serving complex business requirements. We can custom design your WordPress theme or modify your existing WordPress site to suit your individual requirements. In fact, we believe in WordPress, you can easier manage and maintain the content and functionalities as WordPress is an open-source project, with a very active global developer community extending WordPress with powerful plugins, so you can be sure that WordPress is a good option for your business. Since its release in 2003 WordPress has grown to be the largest self-hosted Content Management Systems in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

What is WordPress?

Wordpress development agency Sydney

WordPress is one of the well-known Content Management System, and it is developed by PHP and MySQL database. In fact, there is more than 40% website on the Internet are built by WordPress. Yes – almost half of the websites and blogs are power by WordPress. As it is an open-source CMS, which means people can modify and use WordPress software, plugins for free, this makes a large volume of developers join the community and start developing themes and plugins. Thus, the community and popularity of WordPress CMS are still growing in 2020.

What kind of websites can be built by WordPress

Almost everything, from simple travel blogs to large e-commerce online shopping platform. 10 years ago, WordPress was just a tool for building a simple blog and website, the designs were limited by its theme and design. Nowadays, thanks to changes to the core code, as well as WordPress’ massive ecosystem of plugins and well-designed theme, you can create any type of website with WordPress, such as a simple website for display purposes, or complex website for online shopping. Plugins are well-developed, you can easily find the animation plugins without writing thousands of Javascript and CSS code. From small personal blogs to the complex websites of major companies such as Sony, Time Inc., New York Times and NBC, WordPress provides website building services for almost one-third of the world’s websites.  In nutshell, WordPress is the simplest, and most popular way to create your own website or blog.

A brief history of WordPress

WordPress website design Sydney

WordPress was created as a standalone project in 2003, originating as an offshoot of a previous project. its original creation was a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is open-source software, so nowadays it’s made by a huge community of contributors. But if we were to trace WordPress’ origins back to its roots. With this powerful CMS, there are tons of free well-designed and developed templates available that you can use. However, if you want something more advanced / custom, then you can purchase a premium template or have one custom made which will raise the cost. There are 60,000+ free plugins for WordPress. These are apps and extensions for your websites. Think features like contact form, gallery, etc. You can use the free email plugins to integrate your email marketing software such as MailChimp or use SEO plugins to leverage the Google ranking and increase your marketing revenues. You don’t even need to touch your image for resolution, all these things can be done in WordPress backend. Thus, you can focus on your product description and content without worrying about the functionalities.

WordPress vs Joomla

At the end of 2019, WordPress occupied more than 60%, almost 35% of websites were built by it while the 2nd popular CMS Joomla only takes around 6% in the market. They are both successful business CMS nowadays, but why so many people choose WordPress over Joomla?

  1. Easy for setup
    • WordPress is easy for setup, it only takes probably 2-3 minutes, then all the default themes, blog content setting and even database are set up automatically, the automation is a huge benefit for the people without any technical background.
  2. Easy for use and maintain
    • The user-friendly interface is absolutely a bonus to this CMS. You can switch theme, enable or disable plugins, editing permission and change permalinks just in few clicks.
  3. Universal & powerful plugins.
    • There are thousands of plugins that supported, you can build a wide range of websites, from basic display purpose to an online eCommerce website with security protection. The developer and user community is huge here, so you can find plugins and solution easily in the popular forums.
  4. Customization
    • If you would like to edit or create your own theme, the only thing you need to learn is WordPress-Hooks, filter and operation. You can put your logic among different content and create your own customized website based on them.

How WordPress webpage helps my business?

The marketing is becoming competitive and businesses do not solely depend on the local people near their physical location. Online marketing can attract people from other locations and increase their revenue. Building website is always the first step for doing that, it is like building a store in the internet level, and later on, collaborate with an online marketing plan to let people know more about your products and their advantages.

Brandergy has a stronghold on WordPress web development in Sydney. Although we offer numerous web development and designing services, WordPress is the one we specialize in the most. We are a creative WordPress web development agency, having a team of highly skilled and experienced WordPress developers and designers in Sydney. We build responsive and elegant WordPress websites for our customers based on their products and services, as responsive & mobile-friendly website become the necessary nowadays, we will provide our PC website together with our mobile version at the same time, and maximize your exposure to your clients.

Once you provide enough business and service information to us, we will do some research on your competitors and your potential customer’s preference. Then delivery a customized website prototype to you shortly and discuss with you and see if you would like to make any additional changes. This process will continue for a few times as we believe great products always come from great communication and collaboration.

If you have any concern about website design or development, please feel free to contact us.